Cooney, Scully, and Dowling
Counselors & Advocates

Hartford, CT ~ Since 1938

While much has changed since Joe Cooney founded the firm, much is the same.

Now, as then, the firm boasts a highly regarded group of trial lawyers practicing in courts throughout Connecticut.  Now, as then, the firm is well known as counsel to numerous religious, educational, and charitable organizations.  And now, as then, its attorneys and staff take pride in the firm’s high standards of quality and integrity, its collegial atmosphere, and its culture of client service. Cooney, Scully and Dowling values diversity and inclusion.

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Practice areas


The firm’s diverse litigation practice includes, defending professional and medical malpractice cases for a variety of hospitals, nursing homes, and medical, and other professionals.

Business & Commercial Law

We work with businesses, partnerships, corporations and LLCs, to meet their legal obligations related to business contracts, employment agreements, registration, leases, and licensing.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

We are proud to support religious, educational and social service organizations with their legal and governance needs.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We offer mediation and arbitration services to clients as a streamlined, cost-effective alternative process to resolve disputes.

General Practice

In addition to service as legal advisors to individuals, we assist with estate planning and probate, advance directives, real estate transactions.